Comic for Monday, Mar 7, 2016


Posted March 7, 2016 at 1:01 am

Choosing who was going to be the example for an MV-F... Wait, shouldn't the "F" go before the "V"? The "V" is for "Variant", so it should absolutely be what immediately precedes the number...

Okay, in my defense, last week was full of many distraction in my personal life that are absolutely and 100% responsible for this logical error that just occurred to me that is 100% NOT my error whatsoever.

ANYWAY! Choosing who was going to be the example for an M-FV form was decided by one simple thing: Tensaided has a beard. I wanted someone who had an abundance of facial hair for maximum contrast, and as it turns out, beards are not common among my characters. He's a fun choice, but he also basically wound up being the choice by default.

I feel I did a decent job making Tensaided's androgynous form, well, androgynous, because I kept having to remind myself that the form was male while working on this comic.