Comic for Friday, Jan 4, 2019


Posted January 4, 2019 at 12:00 am

- Previous Grace thinkin' instead a sleepin'

- Not there on Friday

Sorry for more sad Grace faces, but they're a necessity we must endure, darn it!

This storyline is a rare case in EGS in that characters have been kept from just properly communicating with each other. I hate such things in stories when there's no good reason for it, but I think it makes sense here.

That said, there's only so long actual communication can be kept from happenin' 'round THESE parts, pardner!

But what about Ellen and hug n' talks?!

We're not seeing the hug n' talk regarding Ellen's irrational feelings of responsibility* right now because it's not hugely relevant to this storyline, but I reserve the right to flash back to it in a later storyline. Both Ellen AND Elliot angst about what happened is BOUND to be relevant in a future storyline, darn it!

* A result of being part of why the mall attack happened, and irrational because she was NOT responsible for that.