Comic for Wednesday, Jul 25, 2018


Posted July 25, 2018 at 1:31 am
- Second Life
- Nioi and Kaoli
- Ellen resentful about Magus running off
- Why with the hat and glasses (she doesn't have the watch yet)

Suddenly Charlotte! Also:

Granted, this doesn't mean we should expect something involving Kaoli right after the break or anything. There's too much other stuff going on. Plus, as far as we know, Ellen can't just summon her. It's Kaoli's move (which will undoubtedly happen at some narratively convenient moment for reasons we can only begin to guess).

Oh snap nonetheless, however, because yeah. I'm clearly committing to a Kaoli storyline.

Kablammo, as I assume the cool kids say.

Not that I was originally going to mention this, which is why this was originally going to be Monday's comic. I was originally just going to elaborate on Ellen's feelings about Magus, and her goal of finding him before any spooky police.

Then I was all like "hey, allude to Kaoli", and I was all like "you are such a tease", and here we are.

EDIT: Ellen's disguise proved to be TOO GOOD! So I turned clarifying her identity into a joke by adding that narration to panel three.