Comic for Wednesday, Mar 13, 2019


Posted March 13, 2019 at 3:47 am

- "Feel the dice"
- Recognition

EDIT: I wound up changing their lipstick a bit. In the original, the outlines were black, and the lipstick a little lighter. I've lightened the outlines and slightly darkened the lipstick, which I feel works better.

This has been something I've wanted to clarify for a few weeks now.

I would have preferred to give the impression of a psychic force pressing against Sarah's cheek rather than pulling on it, but when it came time to actually draw it, I found it super difficult to get the point across. It mostly looked like Sarah was just making a weird expression, and distorting her cheek in a compressed manner was not looking how I wanted, either.

Given my options, I boldly declared "meh" and went with the cheek pulling. Even that might be more confusing than I'd like, but it should at least be less so.

Shoulder Massage!

As much as I deliberately intended for Lisa's dialogue to spark the imagination, I truthfully did not plan for Lisa to give Amanda a shoulder massage. I reached a point in drawing the comic, however, where I wanted them to be closer together on panel, and what better way to get them closer together than a delightful gal pal shoulder rub.

One may well note that I didn't get to that point until panel four, meaning I made the decision to have Amanda in that general pose before then. I mostly wanted to have her interacting with the background I'd made in some way, and that's what I came up with.