Comic for Wednesday, Sep 23, 2020


Posted September 23, 2020 at 12:00 am

- When last these three science'd...

Whoops I've remembered story comics don't have to be three rows of panels and have gone mad with power.

SCIENCE! ...Is Dull

I can understand people's frustration with science. It genuinely can sound like scientists don't really know anything, or they're indecisive, or dragging things out, etc.

Then there are times when they learn something new, and something they'd previously said is proven wrong, and our minds default to interpreting that as though they were lying, etc.

I think part of being a mature person in modern society with all this technology and knowledge and such, however, is being aware of this process, and having patience with it. This is a learned thing, but it is necessary to avoid making mistakes regardless of whether someone is a scientist.

There will inevitably be decisions a person has to make based on knowledge obtained via science, and if they don't get how it works well enough to make good decisions based on it, it's also inevitably going to cause them problems, if not problems for others, too.

Not that I really need to belabor the point. I'm writing this in September of 2020.


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