Comic for Monday, Dec 9, 2019


Posted December 9, 2019 at 12:00 am

LAST TIME, ON EGS - Sarah shrunk Ashley using the drumstick wand, and it was expected that Ashley could not be shrunk beyond 80% her normal height (aka 50% normal size). Ashley, however, shrunk to 50% her normal height, aka 12.5% her normal size! OH SNAP!

Also, to that person on Twitterwho I told "I can't say height in this situation, I need to differentiate from a simple height transformation and overall shrinking", I guess you were right in the end, though I maintain that will cause confusion someday, somehow!


And we're back! I wouldn't say I'm feeling 100% perfect, but I'm feeling better each day and I WANT to make comics and you can't stop me!

(Seriously, though, I'm trying to take care of myself and will be careful. Thank you, everyone, for your patience and support).

Right, commentary on THIS comic. Here we go...

Darn it, Tedd, the scientific method is supposed to remove all that bias fungus!

How did Grace get so small? Well, Grace can shrink thanks to the transformation gun, and Grace saw Ashley that small, so Grace was like "I bet I can be that small, too", and then she was.

It's all super scientific.

I considered several different ways for Grace to come to the rescue before deciding on, well, this super obvious one in which she's not also huge and scary. As much as I'm sure some people reading this would have enjoyed seeing Grace pick up Ashley and carry her away to safety, it would have been pretty tone deaf on Grace's part.

And the less said about the "why not use telekinesis to pick her up" option the better.