Comic for Monday, Dec 9, 2019


Posted December 9, 2019 at 12:00 am

The only part of this that's hyperbole is how expressive that guy is, which I admit to taking some pride in. The expressiveness part, not the lack of hyperbole.

Just look at that panel two sass.

It was an actual mechanic in Fable 2 that some quests would be unavailable if you weren't famous enough, and I'll say this much for that mechanic: It's nifty that it didn't matter how you got famous enough, just that you WERE famous enough, which meant you had options.

Granted, the options weren't all great, such as using the "show trophy" expression over and over again in front of crowds. If you wanted to literally just run around doing that until famous enough, however, you'd get there eventually, but there really wasn't any reason not to just do whatever side quests were available.