Comic for Monday, Sep 9, 2019


Posted September 9, 2019 at 1:47 am

- Ashley has seen a Fairy Doll, just not an animated one

- "Flying?" (Ellen talking about the search party)

Yes, I know. We're all disappointed that's not actually what happened, but think about how long it would take to search everywhere at that size, and... Wait.

Would it take longer to fly around at that size? Maintaining flight might've been easier. Then again, there is wind resistance, but could that possibly top the pull of Earth's Gravity? Yes. Terminal velocity is reached when wind resistance says "nuh uh, you're done accelerating", but terminal velocity for a human being is well over a hundred miles per hour, and is gravity even a factor when flying with magic?

But Grace wouldn't be using to magic to fly in this scenario.

Grace would be bird.

I'm sorry, but this commentary is canceled. I have a lot I need to sort through all of a sudden.