Comic for Monday, Jun 3, 2019


Posted June 3, 2019 at 12:00 am

This specific way of showing this aspect of Ashley's personality was a very late idea, and we quite nearly got her thinking about or describing her fantasies about others transforming her with just words.

Fortunately, Sunday morning, my subconscious had enough of my indecisive, tell-not-show nonsense, and shoved this scenario into my consciousness. It gave me a headache, but at least I finally knew what to do.

The downside is that the wordier version could've easily taken a couple comics, and now I still have to sort out the next one. But that's fine! I know where this boat's headed, don't you worry! The... EXACT path is a bit murky, but I know the destination, darn it!

Maybe Justin will finally reveal his love of juggling bowling pins? It's an important plot--WHOOPS! Sorry! Spoiler, there. Ha ha

(I actually do roughly know what I want to do next, it's fine, nobody's juggling bowling pins unless they do)