Comic for Friday, Sep 15, 2023


Posted September 15, 2023 at 12:00 am

In other schedule news, EGSNP returned this week, and the next sketchbook will Monday, September 25th.

The sketchbook date is in part because I just had several pages devoted to the importance of getting enough sleep, and I'd need to go maximum "do as I say, not as I do" to finish the next sketchbook sooner than that.

As for this page...

Shockingly, the only difficult part about this page was the writing! Hard to imagine, I know, with three panels of Tedd resting their eyes.

I had originally imagined five panels. This was before I remembered that, obviously, Tedd is resting their eyes, which means having their eyes closed.

Now, Tedd might have expressive eyebrows, sure, but with pretty much ONLY eyebrows to work with, I decided three panels was fine.

Speedy Storyline

This storyline is both going faster and slower than I anticipated, depending on what parts you look at. There's a lot in part one that wasn't originally planned, so naturally, that was slower.

For part 3, however, I'd planned for it to take longer for Tedd to make the comparison between projections, and, well, basically everything, AND I thought it would take longer for Tedd to plan, and prepare for, whatever this experiment is.

But no. By the standards of what I expected, Tedd is speed running.

Which is probably a very good thing, because part three was 14 pages regardless.

Fog of busy backgrounds

I swear I fully drew the top of the sofa, and some of the stairs behind it. The lines, however, really didn't look great behind the thought bubbles.

I decided to do something I've done at least once before, which was to add gradients that gave more of a flat background where the thought bubbles are.

In my opinion, it's easier to read, and looks less unnecessarily busy this way.

Granted, it also looks like Tedd might be in a early 3D open world game, but I assure you, the draw distance in the EGS universe is much further than a few feet away from Tedd. The engine can definitely handle more. This was simply an aesthetic choice, and not something that was desperately done to make this page render properly.


- Thursday EGSNP