Comic for Wednesday, Sep 13, 2023


Posted September 13, 2023 at 12:00 am

"No, seriously, I can walk there myself. I'll rest right away."

"Well... okay."

(Tedd immediately scurries away and starts watching more videos on quantum physics)


It wasn't my intent to suggest Elliot was concerned about Tedd not making good on resting his eyes, but I couldn't get the idea of Tedd running off to learn more quantum physics out of my head.

Six Hours

My understanding is that getting less than six hours of sleep can have a noticeable affect on most people the next day, and that averaging less than six isn't healthy.

It's also my understanding that how much sleep a person actually needs can vary, and that experimentation with a consistent sleep time, and not setting an alarm (at least, not before it's absolutely necessary) can be a means of finding one's own natural sleep hours.

Of course, if genuinely looking into better sleep habits, please research beyond a cartoonist's commentary below a comic with a talking magic wand. I can definitely make mistakes.

Speaking of which...

Wrong Text

I made a mistake on the previous page. I included a word in Japanese Kanji in the comic, and wanted a font in which the weight of the strokes were varied (implying the motion, and directions, in which they would be written).

I thought the font I chose looked good, but it was actually a simplified Chinese font, not Japanese. This resulted in differences I missed. On the left is the font I used by mistake, and on the right is the correction.

The most obvious difference is in the first character, in which the top square within a square is on the wrong side.

I fixed it ASAP once I became aware of it (thank you, person who contacted me), but I apologize for making the mistake in first place.


- Tuesday EGSNP!