Comic for Thursday, Sep 14, 2023


Posted September 14, 2023 at 12:00 am

Canon CannonHave I mentioned this storyline is canon? Because it's canon.

And takes place before Tedd getting a haircut (likely the weekend before Tedd made their declaration of needing a haircut in the Layers storyline). Heck, Nanase's reaction might have something to do with Tedd finally accepting a haircut was needed.

I originally had Nanase tell Tedd to get a haircut, but that seemed weirdly rude for Nanase. Who is she, Diane?

Because Diane totally would have told Tedd to get a haircut. Possibly immediately, and prior to any other reaction.

Anyway, Nanase doesn't want Fox to absent-mindedly wander out into the hallway or something while she's figuring out the spell at home, so here we are at Tedd's house.