Comic for Wednesday, Jun 5, 2024


Posted June 5, 2024 at 2:19 am

- Comic shop going quiet as Susan enters

- Jay's friend informing Jay of things Jay needs to know

- Jay inadvertently putting the "do I know you" interpretation in Susan's head

That moment when Susan accidentally has a vaguely-romantic-sounding "only you" line and you decide to roll with it.

Shoulder of doom

Confession: I hurriedly inked over half of Monday's page on Sunday morning, meaning I didn't take any days of the weekend off.

Evil and not good self-care, I know.

TO BE FAIR, that wound up being the case because I was a bit too relaxed on Saturday, so less "I worked two full days", and more "I worked two half-days instead of behaving sensibly."

I bring this up because of the "hurriedly" part. I wanted to be done by noon, and I was. Hooray! The bad news is I think I really, REALLY should have slowed down and taken breaks, because I wound up with a tremendously mutinous shoulder by the end of the next day.

Long story short, I got reminded of the importance of breaks, and I wound up posting this page a couple hours late because I was forced to take more frequent, longer breaks than I'd normally feel reasonable.

The page certainly wasn't late because of the staggering difficulty of the last two panels.

Anyway, I think excessive breaks paid off, because my shoulder feels better now after a day of slowly working on a comic than it did when I woke up in the morning, so either I did good, or I'm healing in spite of myself.