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Posted June 3, 2024 at 12:00 am

Naturally, Susan constantly adjusting her shirt would have been distracting, but not so distracting as to--Hm? That's not what the "Picard maneuver" actually is? That was just a joke about Patrick Stewart adjusting his shirt? Then what's the actual Picard maneuver?

(Checks) Something-something looks like two ships at once... Sounds like something Goku from Dragon Ball would do.

Starships = Goku confirmed.


Thank you, everyone, for your patience. This page (or a page like it) was originally supposed to be on a Friday, not a Monday. I'm juggling a lot of plot points with this storyline, and sort of struggled a little when I got to this point.

I'm still figuring out where EXACTLY to put some things in this storyline, as the tournament structure of who's playing who when might suggest I should do one thing, while the basic structures of storytelling might say something else.

We'll see how I manage, I guess!

He for Tedd

Sam's not technically wrong with this assertion. Tedd will not be offended by "he", especially since things get tricky with Tedd once past and future tenses get involved.

Tedd also, however, appreciates acknowledgement and acceptance of whatever form Tedd has chosen to be in, so if in a feminine form, Tedd will like being referred to as "she/her".

Please note that these are Tedd's personal preferences, and not intended to be a sweeping generalization about the preferences of genderfluid people.

Literal apocalypses

I wanted to imply that Susan had a way to "flip the table over" other than Meteor, but trying to give a specific example was awkward. What Jay says here could simply imply playing more than one copy of Meteor, but authorial intent was to try and convey with psychic mind waves that Susan has another card that can do that in her deck.

Which just makes sense if one considers deck sizes in collectible card games, and limits on copies. For example, if you can only have four copies of one card in a deck, and you depend on what that card does, having copies of a second similar card significantly increases the odds of drawing what you need.


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