Comic for Monday, May 13, 2024


Posted May 13, 2024 at 12:00 am

- Previous (card game) battle with George
- George giving Sarah advice (next page)

- Sarah valuing George's advice

Wizard Sarah!

The "Wizard Sarah" design is supposed to be very exaggerated, self-indulgent nonsense on Sarah's part, and to really get that across in a way that would be clear even if you had her stand next to a character like Nanase or Ellen, I gave her a really, REALLY big hat.

I mean, look at that hat.


Also, thanks to anime, that's now the minimum large hat size for women magic users in my mind. I say "minimum LARGE hat" size because hats that are too small are also acceptable. What's most important is that the magic user not have a reasonably-sized hat.


These card game visuals can take me a bit, and though I did take my time making decisions about how Sarah and George would look (regardless of how generic their designs intentionally are), I didn't want to take a long time designing George's dragons.

So I sketched a basic "George goes here" shape, and sketched some vague dragon-head shapes where I wanted dragon heads to be, and did a bit of improvisational dragon-drawing over those shapes.

My favorite is the one on the left. I don't know what their deal is, but they just exude this "I am a very rare dragon card with some bizarre ability" vibe.

(Incidentally, there are four dragons. That is either the tail or body of a fourth one in the lower corners. Maybe both?)

Rounded borders

I'm not planning to bother with rounded grey borders for the card game visuals, and this is primarily because those rounded borders are meant to communicate a flashback or fantasy.

I don't think clarifying that this isn't literal is necessary here, as I doubt anyone's going to see this and think the wizard Sarah has literally lost to dragon trainer pirate George.

In addition, the conversations are actually happening, and there could be other situations in which I want to convey that something is entirely being imagined (I probably won't want to rely entirely on rounded borders then, but they can help).

I don't consider it a major decision or anything, but I knew some people would wonder about it, and hey, I have a commentary section! I should COMMENT on things I know people will wonder about (within reason, anyway)!


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