Comic for Monday, Jan 9, 2023


Posted January 9, 2023 at 12:00 am

- "I Rise Only To Reap What I Have Sown"

I think Diane figured something out.

Werewolf Clarity

I sometimes need to see responses to comics to know what is not clear, or what I am taking for granted. 

In this case, I was taking for granted that people knew that these werewolves transformed every night. I did sort of establish it back in 2002 when the werewolves were first mentioned, but it was a quick "with the setting of every sun" line on that journal page I referenced last Friday.

I also took for granted that everyone was on the same page about how absolutely horrifying they were. These were big, scary werewolves.

So now we have that first panel.

Which I'm calling a win, because I like Diane saying "oof."


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