Comic for Wednesday, Dec 21, 2022


Posted December 21, 2022 at 12:06 am

Diane either got a cookie to help with the blood sugar thing, or she accurately predicted a plot point.

As it says above, story comics will return Wednesday, December 28, and after one more EGSNP, THAT will return on Thursday, December 29.

I will be resting my mind-brain and doing Christmas-related things.

Brother - The End

The next storyline continues from this one, but isn’t getting the “part 2” treatment because a different title will be much more fitting for it.

This is NOT me sneakily turning “Brother” into a 12 part, two hundred page arc in everything but name. The storyline AFTER the next one will make that clear.

Unless I change my mind, in which case I will claim this commentary was written by my evil twin.

Speaking of mind changing, I didn't think I'd be ending this storyline here. As I got more organized about this page and what comes next, however, I decided it made sense. I'll reveal the note I THOUGHT I was going to end this storyline on when it actually happens in the next storyline.


- Tuesday EGSNP