Comic for Wednesday, Dec 14, 2022


Posted December 14, 2022 at 12:00 am

I do plan to take time off for Christmas (the Friday-Saturday before, and the Monday-Tuesday after), and part of me wishes this could have been the Wednesday cliffhanger before that short break.

Another part of me is SO GLAD it's not. There's a limit to how evil a cartoonist I am.

Only Two Panels?! HOW DARE

I feel irrationally guilty about this page BASICALLY being two panels. It's technically four (objectively at LEAST three) and I did do some stuff for the third, but it's basically two panels.

Given that the page is structured the way it is for a reason, up to and including how zoomed out the first panel is, I have nothing to feel guilty about.

I'm going to feel guilty anyway, that's just how I roll, but still.


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