Comic for Monday, Nov 14, 2022


Posted November 14, 2022 at 12:00 am

- The glowing woman at the mall (Final moments of Pandora as she was)

At the time of my writing this commentary (a couple days in advance), as far as I've seen, nobody's getting a cookie for predicting this one.

Of course, if you did see this coming, congrats! You've earned a rare cookie.

I don't know if you'll level up from eating it, particularly since it will be entirely up to you to actually acquire that cookie, but it's entirely possible.

That said, if you predicted Noah would reveal something by accident, that's probably still worth a cookie.

A common cookie.

That, since again, it's entirely up to each person where and if they get a cookie, could be infinitely better than the rare cookies.

I probably shouldn't be grading cookies that can be literally anything, up to and including not cookies.


- Saturday EGSNP