Comic for Saturday, Nov 12, 2022


Posted November 12, 2022 at 12:00 am

True story: My first dance with a girl that I can remember was to The Chicken Dance in Junior High.

There's nothing more to that story. I just think it's funny.

The "spell level" of four wasn't chosen for any specific reason. I just wanted George to do something connected with him helping with the rules, so he not-so-subtly dropped a hint as to the specifics of how his ability works.

The ARE spell levels in various games, however, and I'd be curious as to what sort of things "level four" would imply in those games, and whether this would make ANY sense in them.

Ellen's moment of "..." is meant to imply that she's making up the tiny magic piano on the spot.

On that note, this chicken has a king-sized bed, and a tiny magic piano.

It's no surprise that this chicken has enemies.