Comic for Wednesday, Aug 31, 2022


Posted August 31, 2022 at 12:00 am

Schedule note: I'm going to need Monday and Tueday next week off as well. My intent was to take time off this week instead of next week, but it's not working out that way, unfortunately.

- Punching with words

- Teamwork

Not even in Elliot's imagination is Edward capable of not being embarrassed to be on a team with such posing.


Edward's silhouette hopefully confirms that Arthur's silhouette was symbolic even before I made note of it here.

I didn't go into this arc planning for Elliot to start looking up to Tedd's dad.

It's something that happened naturally, however, and when I realized it could happen parallel to Tedd looking up to Arthur, I decided It definitely had to happen.


- Saturday EGSNP