Comic for Monday, Jun 20, 2022


Posted June 20, 2022 at 12:00 am

Part 7 of Balance ends Wednesday, and Part 8 will begin a week later (Wednesday, June 29).

This is for behind the scenes production reasons in the interest of keeping future comics on time, and me not becoming overly-stressed.

I have a new system that works well, but needs more than I currently have done in advance to run smoothly (it relies heavily on writing and sketching being done in advance). That's what I'll be working on with the time off.

As For This Comic...

Oh hey, there's a "The Queen".

I'm sure she's not scary.

I actually changed Tara's "dropped the ball" line at one point, thinking it would be strange for her to use that expression.

Then I thought "wait, no, shared expressions that may or may not make sense has been established now", and also "who says griffins don't play ball games? Not me, that's for sure."


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