Comic for Wednesday, Oct 6, 2021


Posted October 6, 2021 at 12:42 am

- Arthur first proper appearance

- Tedd meets Arthur (sort of)

- Arthur offers Tedd a lab (if proven competent)

- Discussing the lab during the party (first Saturday in the timeline, btw)

I was also going to point out the exact moment in which Tedd's dad gave that warning about Arthur, but now I'm not sure that was ever actually on-panel, because it didn't happen where I thought it did.

If so, um... Hey, Elliot just established it! GOOOOO ELLIOT! WOO!

Anyway, Tedd thinks Arthur is a good guy! But why? Other than the obvious "dude's given Tedd a lab" answer, I mean.

Questions for Part 27, presumably. Part 3 is all about the deal with Elliot's undersized gym shirt.


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