Comic for Monday, Apr 5, 2021


Posted April 5, 2021 at 12:00 am

- The Will of Magic quotes

Nanase has a standard bed pillow resting on top of a wedge pillow, which is something I've done myself. More often, I'd have the wedge pillow positioned more horizontally than vertically, but it worked better for this comic to have it that way.

I had acquired the wedge pillow with the intent of sleeping on it, but it only really works well for that if one sleeps on their back, and I am an utter failure at that. I have, on occasion, managed to sleep on my side while using one of them, but that's awkward at best.

Still, if I want to lie down and be elevated a bit, it's great. Just a shame my mind refuses sleep mode if I'm sleeping on my back.

And thus concludes my review of wedge pillows!

What do you mean you don't care about wedge pillows


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