Comic for Friday, May 4, 2018


Posted May 4, 2018 at 3:25 am

- Uryuoms and magic

- "Entwined in mortal destiny", though perhaps more specific than that

No one expects sudden uryuom relevance!

Also, I guess they're not a librarian, then? They're, like, the opposite of a librarian, which would be, um...

You know what? I'm not sure there's a proper opposite. They were apparently trying to take or claim something from a an old crypt or tomb-like place, so let's just say they're a tomb raider.


Wait, did I seriously just... Well, carp.

EDIT: I nearly changed Ellen's dialogue in panel two because Elliot and Ashley didn't learn Magus's name until after Ellen was passed out, but then I remembered that Ellen was aware while possessed by Sirleck, and very easily could have gotten Magus's name any time before the zapping.

That said, she definitely doesn't know Magus's real name.

EDIT 2: Evidence suggests I did not make it clear enough that the last two panels were flashbacks to a really, REALLY long time ago (the thing the golem now remembers), so I added thought bubble circles to connect panels six and seven.