Comic for Friday, Mar 9, 2018


Posted March 9, 2018 at 6:39 am

Yes, that is correct. Ashley's happy place includes people turning into puppies.

I give emphasis to this to make clear how normal and average Ashley is.


Okay. I finally figured out how to make backgrounds with this much detail reasonably quickly.

It took a bunch of trial and error and a ridiculously long time for me to reach that point, but I got there.

So, you know. Future comics in this setting shouldn't take a bunch of extra hours for me to make.

This one, though, was posted nearly 6 hours later than I prefer to post new comics / go to bed.

My Friday is gonna be a sleepy day. Plus I've gotta make NP, too. Yay...

Past me was smart. He kept the boxes simple, and it made sense! The facility is underfunded! They can't afford actual crate! They have to make do with nondescript cubes!