Comic for Monday, Mar 12, 2018


Posted March 12, 2018 at 1:00 am

Give yourself a cookie if you saw all the lights on and the lack of cars in last Wednesday's comic and thought it was odd.

Although, only do that if you assumed that I had a good reason for it. If you assumed I just screwed up, well, I guess you can have a cookie anyway. I mean, really, you're giving yourself the cookie in any case. It's not up to me whether you get a cookie. You can defy my cookie declarations all you want, and really, I don't want to deprive anyone of cookes.

So yes. Go ahead. Cookies for anyone who wants cookies.

But maybe feel like you've earned it more if you actually deduced that ALL the lights being on and the lack of cars was significant.

A Nitpicky Detail

In case you were wondering how the heck they got those big crates onto the second floor, the background of the first panel tells the story. That darker grey area with the faint lines is a big door that opens up to outside the building, and the crates are lifted via a, well, lift, and put in.

One might question the logic of this, but hey, I previously established this was all on the second floor of something. At least I'm not leaving the only explanation as "they lugged all these up the previously established stairs".

I suppose I could claim there's an elevator on that side of the building, too? It's the side we haven't seen, so there could be a big elevator there. That almost seems too efficient for this place, though, and you sort of want the thieves to have to leave the building in an awkward manner. An elevator might make it too easy. BUT THEN AGAIN...