Comic for Friday, Mar 2, 2018


Posted March 2, 2018 at 1:00 am

And here we are with lovely confirmation that Tedd has not forgotten everything she just experienced and learned. I gave assurances in the previous commentary that she would remember, but it ain’t canon unless it’s in the comic, darn it, and not everyone reads the commentaries.

I considered having Tedd address the obvious potential for “just a dream” by immediately confirming what she had just learned in various ways, such as checking to see if there was news about what Pandora did, spells still working, etc.
While sensible, it would just be a page confirming things we already know to be true, and I like Tedd having confidence in her belief that it was real. It’s fitting for the direction of Tedd’s character.
That said, she probably will check the news and such shortly after this comic. Confident or not, checking is sensible, and she'll want more information either way.
We’ll be moving on to another matter, however, and what will likely be the final non-epilogue part of this arc...