Comic for Friday, Nov 3, 2017


Posted November 3, 2017 at 3:05 am

- Elliot's restraint

- Lazy movie night
- Parents going to be out

And a bunch of Mr and Mrs Dunkel references:

- Dunkel parents first appearance
- Declaration of no dessert for Elliot
- "Unexpected child"
- Taking Ellen being a cat in stride
- Talking to Elliot about Cheerleadra and keeping up on his spellbook
- Summer work discussion

A good rule of thumb for writing Elliot and Ellen's parents is to go not serious enough, and/or too serious.

And yes, I do mean "and/or". They can easily be too serious about the wrong thing while also being not serious enough about another thing.

Granted, sometimes they've gotta be serious or not serious about the right things. Rules of thumb are meant to be broken, darn it!

Unlike real thumbs. Keep thumbs safe.

- Thursday sketchbook