Comic for Friday, Jun 30, 2017


Posted June 30, 2017 at 1:00 am

- "An ability seers have..."

...What? I said between two days and two years. This is easily within that allotted time frame!

Some people might be ready to give themselves a cookie at this point, but! BUT! This explanation ain't over yet! Don't count your cookies before they've hatched!

Actually, you probably should. If this is anywhere near what you've guessed, you probably guessed right. I just wanted to write a sentence that implied that cookies are hatched.

Anyway, insert obligatory "yer a WIZARD, Teddy" joke here. Only maybe don't imagine Pandora calling Tedd "Teddy". That would be weird. Grace can say that, and Sarah can sort of say it? It's more joking "I need you to do something for me" with Sarah, but still.