Comic for Wednesday, Dec 21, 2016


Posted December 21, 2016 at 3:44 am

- The death of Blaike Raven

- The werewolf and the Dewitchery Diamond
- Pandora attempts to have the creator of the Dewitchery Diamond killed
- A lesson

There’s a reason I was so thrilled to learn a group of Ravens could be referred to as “an unkindness”.

Anyway, um... Levity! Yes! Ah... Okay.

To be fair, “help cure lycanthropy” is a pretty tall order. You’d have to be some manner of super old magic person to have even the slightest chance of guiding someone to--oh. Right. BUT STILL!

Levity successful! Bit of a heads up, now: Story comics the week after Christmas will be Tuesday and Thursday, with EGS:NP updating as normal Mon-Weds-Friday. There’ll be a harder to miss message about this under Friday’s comic, but I felt I should mention it a bit in advance as well.