Comic for Friday, Sep 30, 2016


Posted September 30, 2016 at 3:06 am

- Sarah needs to talk, eh?
- Tensaided Hijinks talk

This was the inspiration for calling this part of the story arc Everyone Needs To Talk.

Incidentally, and I keep forgetting to draw extra attention to this, but the canon EGS:NP storyline Question Mark is now also in the Story comic section. I elaborate on why in the commentary for it, but it basically boils down to "oh my gawd there's way too much important stuff in this for it to be EGS:NP this will be too confusing for new readers nooooo"

Tensaided and Susan

I received a lot of questions about what Tensaided was talking about and a lot of theories about it, but it was pretty much just "Elliot / Cheerleadra might need your help today. If you need time off for that, you can have it".

As for why Tensaided would think Elliot / Cheerleadra would trust Susan to help with something like this, she's the one who told Tensaided Elliot knew Cheerleadra in the first place.