Comic for Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Posted May 17, 2016 at 2:00 am
This Question Mark storyline was originally in the EGS:NP subsection of the site, and is still there if you want to read it at a larger size and with individual comic commentary.
I was eager to address Sarah’s magic mark after Squirrel Prophet, and with EGS:NP being back in the picture, I figured I could just do so there.
The problem, however, was that there were a LOT of important things addressed in this storyline, and not just Sarah’s magic mark. It’s important to the main plot, and yet it wasn’t in the main section. New readers could reach a point in the main story in which this all would really matter without ever having even looked at the EGS:NP section.
Canon storylines in the EGS:NP section are fine, but I’ve realized they need to be the sort of storyline that can be summed up simply in the story section. For example, Tedd designing a new form for the TF gun is fine. A story comic can literally have one panel in which Tedd describes the form even if it took him 60 EGS:NP comics to actually design the.
That said, I just put this storyline into the main section. I could presumably do it again. Still, I think “easy to summarize relevant main plot points” is a good rule of thumb for canon EGS:NP stories.