Comic for Wednesday, Sep 21, 2016


Posted September 21, 2016 at 2:54 am

- Verres is used to swimming with big fish

...Wait, "swimming with big fish"? Is that an expression? I know "big fish in a small pond" is a thing. Hang on, I have the whole of the interwebs right here.

Annnnnd it doesn't seem to be an expression. Or, at least, not a common one. It's a thing people literally do, apparently. Whatever. You get what I meant about the fish and the sizes thereof.

You know, I'm almost certain I had more to say about this comic than fish. In fact, I'm certain I hadn't originally planned to say anything about fish. "Big fish" was just how I wound up putting that statement, and then I started wondering about why that phrasing was in my head, and now I have no idea what, if anything, else I had to say about all this.

Eh, no big loss. It was probably going to be about not wanting to elaborate on something yet. Fish are better.