Comic for Thursday, Jul 3, 2014


Posted July 3, 2014 at 1:10 am

- Tensaided taunting Sarah
- Sarah versus George
- Before the match with Tensaided
- First game Vs Tensaided

I have received more responses to the previous comic than any other comic I have previously made, and the majority of the feedback has been positive. The "there's a name for it" moment is one many have experienced, and many readers were happy to have Tedd being genderfluid confirmed shockingly revealed.

So of course the only appropriate follow-up is MORE CARD GAMES! WOO!

No, seriously, I totally had to end that scene on that note. Tedd's brain needs time to reboot after that revelation anyway. But hey, here's a reference link I forgot to include yesterday - "You know me better than I know myself!"

As for THIS comic, um... It was fun but difficult to draw? And I think Elliot looks cool. You might disagree, but you're wrong, so there. Nyah.