Comic for Friday, Jan 10, 2014


Posted January 10, 2014 at 1:00 am

This is perfect! The "will they, won't they" drama will allow this comic to write itself for months, and... Wait, what'd Elliot just say? 

WHAT?! Dammit, Elliot, what did I just say in the previous commentary about openly communicating with people?!

Oh. Uh... Hm. This turn of events will probably make certain people want to have words with me. Best not to link to the contact page, or... I just did, didn't I? Curse my policy of not editing the commentary while I'm writing it and allowing whatever stupid thing I type remain forever!

I'd better distract everyone by linking to something else. Um... Hey! Remember that card game storyline with Justin and Grace?! Yeah! That's a thing that happened!