Comic for Wednesday, Dec 4, 2013


Posted December 4, 2013 at 1:00 am

I can't think of any comics to reference link that I haven't linked to, like, a thousand times recently. This makes me sad. I'm going to fill the void with a completely not relevant reference link to that one time Jeremy attacked a catnip plant.

- Jeremy totally attacking a catnip plant

Ahhh... That's better.

Justin's look of concern in the last panel in response to Susan in the previous panel might seem odd, but keep in mind that all he's actually seeing is just a static image (her avatar) and text. He had no idea she was typing that with a smile.


Logic is pretty situational. There's math logic, emotional logic, love logic, Pokémon logic, political logic, Mario logic, internet forum logic, banana logic, pretzel logic, comic commentary logic, and I could go on.

I guess logic-logic is just general logic that borrows from other forms of logic but is nonetheless distinct in that it's all-encompassing while ignoring logic that has a basic more in subjectivity or abstractness? I'm pretty sure I just confused myself, and if I think I'm confused, I probably am. Unless I'm confused about being confused.