Comic for Monday, Aug 5, 2013


Posted August 5, 2013 at 1:00 am

- Compare and contrast


Firstly, a bit of non-"this comic" news: Today marks my first update since switching the site over to Hiveworks! For the most part, this just means the comic's on a new server, the ads have changed to their system, and there are links to Hiveworks related things on the site (such as other comics in their network below the comic and above the commentary).

A few of the commentary reference links (those that point to a start of a storyline instead of a date) will need to be changed, but most reference links in the commentary should work. I will be changing those as I find, or are made aware, of them. Please note that I am temporarily using a different e-mail address than I used to.

I'll have more to say on the subject later, but for now, happy to be there! Here! Whatever woudl be grammatically appropriate given the current situation!


The beefed up Not-Tengu looked a lot more distinctive from non-beefed up Not-Tengu prior to my inking him. There's a definite difference if you take the time to do a comparison, but while I didn't want to make him change TOO much, it's possible this end result is too subtle. On the other hand, I think the size increase is apparent, and maybe that's enough.

What I AM happy with is Nanase's (Ellen's?) face in the last two panels. I considered adding one of those head graphics to make clear who it was, but I was hesistent just to add Not-Tengu's dialogue in the last panel on account of not wanting to cover anything up. We can figure out which one she is later.