Comic for Thursday, Jul 18, 2013


Posted July 18, 2013 at 1:00 am
- "I can only use it defensively"
- Tengu: Friendly neighborhood provider of information on guardian forms

This guy is like the Mr. Verres of villains. "I am going to give you a bunch of information, and then I'm going to go somewhere else."

This is one of those situation where I really can't say anything all that interesting about this comic without it effectively being a spoiler. Heck, even saying just that might effectively be a spoiler.

So instead, I'll say something self-congratulatory that will make me sound horribly conceited and turn the whole of society against me: I like Not-Tengu's poses in this comic. I just want to replace the dialogue in panel five with lines from Hamlet and badly photoshop a skull into his monstrously huge hand.