Comic for Wednesday, Jul 10, 2013


Posted July 10, 2013 at 1:00 am
- Guardian form

After the previous comic, part of me tempted to have nothing happen for a couple comics with just occasional glimpses of the winged silhouette in the sky. Then the part of me that controls my common sense and the part of me that knows about pacing teamed up and attacked that first part of me.

Long story short, today's comic goes "boom". It is also very, very upset that it's not a Friday comic. Yesterday's comic was, too, now that I mention it. Of course, many comics think they should be Friday comics, but they can't ALL be. Unless, you know, I updated once a week, but then any day is as cliffhangery as Friday.

Also, if I was only updating once a week, this would be week 48 of this storyline, so... yeah. Not gonna happen. I don't think anyone but the "Friday" comics are going to mind, however.