Comic for Thursday, Jun 27, 2013


Posted June 27, 2013 at 1:00 am
- They see me floating...
- Stealthy Diane
- Busybody

I guess you don't need Charlotte's deductive reasoning skills to figure out that Nanase has (well, had) magic when she floats around like she owns the place.

The railing in this comic is prrrrretty tall, and that's the result of my mind doing what it does best: Fretting over things that don't matter! I was just thinking about this railing being the only thing standing between the top floor and the living area below, and it never seemed high enough to me. I kept thinking "if this were real, that could be super dangerous. What if someone leaned over too far, or tripped! That's basically just a room with a ledge up there! Think of the hypothetical people who could get hurt!"

So... Yeah. It's four feet high. Ellen and Nanase are each about five foot four. Ellen and Nanase literally have to stand on tip-toe or otherwise lift themselves up to effectively see the room below (given that it's directly below and leaning over the side is required). It's kind of ridiculous, really, but at least no hypothetical people are likely to ever accidentally fall over the side!