Comic for Monday, Dec 10, 2012


Posted December 10, 2012 at 1:00 am
- Sheep vengeance
- Size changing

Elliot's talked on the phone before without too much trouble, but then I've never tried that hard to present telephone conversations realistically in EGS. Realistically, there would be a fair amount of people having to repeat themselves, and who needs the extra panels just for that?

Of course, I have an excuse for those who demand continuity line up perfectly. For one, Sarah's in the corner of a basement, which I've found capable of affecting reception. For two, Elliot's outside the rental shop, so there could be wind blowing into the phone. Those two factors combined means that Elliot would have even more trouble understanding people on the phone than normal. ALL THE PIECES FIT!

...What? This means something. This is important. *Builds a sculpture out of mashed potatoes*


Sarah is as shrunk as Tedd is currently capable of shrinking people in this comic, which is around 80% scale. Panel three makes me feel fairly certain that my earlier conclusion of 80% scale = 50% volume (due to there being three dimensions) was accurate. The perspective was done with the assistance of 3D rendering for references, so I can say with confidence size difference shown there is accurate, and that's with Sarah in the foreground.