Comic for Tuesday, Aug 7, 2012


Posted August 7, 2012 at 1:00 am
- The exciting return of the rental store cart! *Applause*

This is surely not a feeling I have ever experienced ever in the history of having friends and the like. Nope. Never happened. You're insane for insinuating such a thing.

Anyway, yes, there's the additional issue of Catalina's lady friend being secretive, but the thoughts of Susan shown were to highlight her feelings, not to recap information from one comic ago.

That woman in panel two is one of the college gamer girls. I gave her what I thought would be a stylish shirt, but from behind and with no view of her full ensemble, it sort of looks like she's wearing a cavewoman outfit. I was going to put dots on it, but I think that could've made it look even worse.