Comic for Friday, Jun 15, 2012


Posted June 15, 2012 at 1:00 am
- OMG Bestest spell ever
- For example, Susan not needing dye anymore

A common question I get asked is where I get my inspiration for comics from, which doesn't really work without getting more specific or giving a very general answer. People get ideas from all over the place. There is no single magic idea bucket (at least not since someone stole it).

As an example, the inspiration for Nanase's entire hair issue is simply the fact that I drew it too long too quickly back in One Way Road. This put me in a position where I could either gloss over the oddly fast hair growth, or create some manner of convoluted explanation for it. Being me, I went the convoluted route.

As an additional example, Tedd's hypothesis that Nanase's hair was growing to use up magic combined with magic having an impact on people's physiology resulted in the idea that there could be other ways the magic could get used up, but that growing hair which can simply be cut off was the safest one, or at least the most conveniently reversible.

In short, two of my primary sources of inspiration involve making the most of my own mistakes and simply thinking things through to their logical conclusions. Granted, I've been told I ride an odd train of logic, but it's still logic, darn it!