Comic for Friday, Apr 6, 2012


Posted April 6, 2012 at 1:00 am
Yeah, I spent the first four comics of this storyline on a dream sequence. What'cha wanna do, fight about it?

Oh. You do. I wasn't prepared for that. Well, hang on a moment now, I wanted to give a proper introduction to--WHO THREW THAT SHOE?! This isn't Austin Powers! Honestly.

Bah. The comics will speak for themselves. On to wacky behind the scenes stuff.

I drew Sarah's relevant poses for this comic in thumbnail, similar to the similar comic. Unlike the previous comic, however, I drew them entirely independent of a layout, knowing only that they were the poses I wanted. The layout was then determined based on those poses and which panel shapes I felt worked best for them.

I'm not sure how well that approach would work with a more dialogue heavy comic, but I'm definitely going to try it, as I think this approach resulted in more dynamic poses positioned better in the panels than I would have otherwise achieved.