Comic for Thursday, Apr 5, 2012


Posted April 5, 2012 at 1:00 am
- Once more, possibly relevant graduates to definitely relevant

I used a model T-Rex as a reference for Hedgezilla's mouth in panel one. I was having trouble picturing the mouth from that angle without a reference, so I grabbed the T-Rex, opened his jaw, and took reference photos from the appropriate angle. Their jaws aren't identical, but they're close enough that it was very helpful.

I point this out so that the next time someone judges me for owning toys, I can credibly claim they are artistic tools. This includes my Batman figurine. Somehow.

Script? SCRIPT?! We don't NEED no stinkin' script!

Normally when I write action sequences, I literally write them in spite of the fact that those scripts amount to little more than sound effects and brief descriptions. For this comic, I said "screw the script" and went right to drawing thumbnails, aka itsy bitsy little drawings of possible layouts.

I was mostly happy with the first layout I had sketched, only significantly changing the last three panels. They had originally been at a static, flat angle with no progressing zoom, rendering the little kitty in the last panel almost invisible. I did not find that acceptable.

One of the cool things about drawing the comic entirely digitally, however, is that I was able to take those thumbnails, modify them slightly, and sketch the comic right over them. I don't think that'd always be a good idea, but for this comic, Sarah's poses were already how I wanted them in the thumbnails, so it worked out well.