Comic for Tuesday, Nov 22, 2011


Posted November 22, 2011 at 1:00 am
- A long history of teaching

Raven forever regrets failing to teach Mr. Verres the finer points of the Magna Carta. Or maybe this is about something else. I should probably know that.

Anyway, Grace and Raven fighting crime on the mean streets of Moperville! With his magic street smarts and her squirrelly squirrel smarts, they will put an end to all crime! Or escalate things by attracting costumed psychos. Maybe they'll get their own clown villain with clown villains? Or a plant lady! Plant ladies are cool.

Anyway, with this comic, we are dangerously close to making this section of comics genuinely 9001% Serious. I have pies at the ready, however, so we should be okay. Wait a minute... PECAN PIES?!

*raises hands dramatically to the sky* NOOOOOooooo....!