Comic for Friday, Sep 9, 2011


Posted September 9, 2011 at 1:00 am
- Tedd explosion imminent

Am I the only one who almost always misspells "refrigerator" on the first try on account of thinking there should be a "d" in there? I blame the informal "fridge" for this tremendously serious problem.

I have no plans for revealing the results of any sort of "timed experiment" as suggested in this comic. I'm aware this is vital information that everyone wishes to know, but even if they did figure out, I have trouble imagining a credible information where that information would be shared.

I have had calamari before, but I'm going to keep to myself whether I liked it or not until the next comic's commentary. What I WILL say, however, is that I was surprised by the shape of it. They're like weird little fried rings. I know there are different ways to prepare them (yay additional research), but... yeah, that's pretty much it. I find it weird that they're rings.