Comic for Friday, Jun 10, 2011


Posted June 10, 2011 at 1:00 am
- Oh followed by snap
- Noah's bouncing into the fight

And for those of you not familiar with Hyde, the Dr. Jeckyll and Hyde wikipedia entry.

What's cool about the dates of the comic of the "oh snap" links up there is that they're basically the same date but with the last number of the year and the first number of the month switched!

What? Numeric coincidences are cool.

"Cloaked Figure"

Elliot didn't see Noah first hand, but was told vaguely of another "unknown" hero. They did refer to him as "he" before, but apparently they were speaking hypothetically. That, or Elliot somehow got mixed up by the word "bouncy". Can't imagine how.

Posematically Posing

In my ongoing attempts to be a good art guy, I spent some preliminary time just sketching out very basic stick figures of Carol and Elliot with appropriate action lines and attempts at matching up centers of gravity. I think this sort of backfired in panel one, as the pose I drew for Carol turned out to be somewhat exaggerated. What's in the comic is actually my attempt to tone it down a bit, but it sort of looks like she's balancing on something.

You know what? Maybe she is. We can't see her feet. Maybe one of her shoes got loose and she's trying to gracefully get it back on her foot. Maybe a badger was sneaking up behind her and she's nudging it away with her right leg. There's a logical explanation somewhere around here.

While I still struggle with overhead shots, I am pretty happy with the last panel of this comic. I originally thought I was going to wind up showing the part of the railing that was damaged, but looking back at the comic where it got brutalized by an exploding fireball, that's further down the railing.

Ah well. It's not the focus of the panel and not having to show structural battle damage made things that much easier for me, but that was still a time consuming bit of railing. So... many... lines...