Comic for Friday, May 27, 2011


Posted May 27, 2011 at 1:00 am
- "Have you been to any anime conventions?"
- "What about 'Shade Tail'?
- Noah's suspicion about Grace

I've never had to comb my beard, but then again, I have a short beard. I imagine one would have to groom a longer beard. If combing a beard is absurd and makes Dex stranger, that works for me, too.

Black Mage

This is in reference to the black mages of Final Fantasy. What it means to be a black mage varies from game to game in the series, but it usually (if not always) involves attack magic, and has often involved characters wearing big wizard hats who have dark faces you cannot see with bright glowing eyes. Noah's lacking the hat, but he's totally rockin' the dark face you can't see with glowing eyes look. Well, eye.

Chun-Li Greg

For those of you mercifully unfamiliar with Chun-Li given the context of three, allow me to make unmercifully familiar with this link to her Wikipedia page. I was thinking of a funny character for Greg to have cosplayed as, and Chun-Li is a character I've actually heard of men dressing as who I could realistically see Greg being willing to cosplay as.

Besides which, Jackie Chan once dressed up as Chun-Li for a Street Fighter parody in one of his movies. If it's good enough for Jackie Chan, Greg would probably say it's good enough for him.